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Karkloof Trail Run 100 Miler Start

Join us for the 8th edition of The Karkloof Trail Run's 100 Miler, an unforgettable journey set in the heart of South Africa's captivating Karkloof Valley. Mark your calendars for 19-22 Sept 2024, and gear up for a race that combines challenge and beauty in equal measure. Entry for this spectacular event is from R 5000. Ready yourself for an experience where every mile tells a story.


Western States Qualifier
UTMB 100 Miler Qualifier

UTMB Index

Forests KK100 Karkloof Trail Run

Experience the enchanting Karkloof forests, rolling hills, and the iconic Karkloof Falls, offering a race course that is as beautiful as it is challenging.

Unique to this event, the 100 Miler allows up to four pacers per runner, fostering a sense of teamwork and support unmatched in other races.

Experience the enchanting Karkloof forests, rolling hills, and the iconic Karkloof Falls, offering a race course that is as beautiful as it is challenging.

The Karkloof 100 Miler isn't just a race; it's a gathering of the trail running community, celebrating unity and shared adventure.

  • Pacers
    Pacers are permitted from the turnaround point at Benvie Gardens (checkpoint 5) For the 100miler participants. Participants can have a total of 4 pacers. Only one pacer may accompany a runner at any given time. Pacers can be swapped out at any major aid station or designated viewpoints accessible to crew and spectators. Each pacer must run with a "pacer" number supplied at registration. This number must be exchanged when pacers swap out. Registration for pacers opens on 1st August 2024 and closes on 1st September 2024. Pacers must carry the same compulsory gear as runners, detailed on the runner's compulsory gear list. Pacers can assist their runners, except by pushing, pulling, or carrying them, and cannot mule, meaning they cannot carry compulsory items or provide nutrition and hydration for the runner. When swapping pacers at Water Points, runners cannot refuel or receive 'aid station' type support. Pacers also cannot start their section with extra food for the participant.
  • Registration, Times & Locations
    Race Briefing: 16th Sept, 7 pm, Online Registration: 20nd Sept, 13h00 -19h00, Karkloof Country Club Race Start: 20h00, Karkloof Country Club Each 100 Miler Participant is required to 'show face' at registration. More Event Times and Info
  • Entry Fee Excludes
    Personal Race Nutrition Camping Gear Running Gear Camping Fees for Supporters Camping Fees for Pacers Supporter Vehicle Access
  • Route
    The race is an out-and-back course starting and finishing at the Karkloof Country Club. The route ventures through the Karkloof Valley to its turn-around point, the famous Benvie Gardens. The course is very runnable and there will be aid stations at approximately every 10 Miles to support runners and their pacers. In addition to the Aid Station, we have self-help water points (water & Coke) between each aid station. The course covers approximately 160km and 3700m of elevation gain. There will be 5 major aid stations. These include the Karkloof Country Club, Umdabu Forest, Bushwillow Caravan Park, Mbona Gate, and Benvie Gardens. 100-miler participants will pass these well-stocked aid stations twice and will be supported by smaller self-help water points in between that will be stocked with cold water. 100Miles | 159km with 3350D+
  • Aid Stations
    There are 5 major Aid Stations (AS) that serve the 100 Milers twice with water points (WP) between. A description of what they will be stocked with will be shared in the event guide published on the 6th of September. Karkloof Falls - WP Karkloof Country Club - AS Shongalolo Trails - WP Umdabu Forest - AS Canopy Tours - WP Bushwillow Caravan Park - AS Msomi Crossing - WP Mbona Game Reserve - AS Mbona Offices - WP Benvie Gardens (The Turn) - AS
  • GPXs
    We will only release GPXs in September. Our route traverses a lot of private land and cannot have runners using the land before the race and without permission.
  • Race Cut-offs
    Cut-off Times: All Karkloof 100 Miler participants must reach each of the following cut-offs within the allotted time to complete the race successfully. These are: Benvie Gardens – 18 hours (Depart by 14:00 on Saturday) Umdabu Forest Aid Station – 25 hours (Depart by 21:00 on Saturday) Karkloof Country Club – 32 hours (Depart by 04:00 on Sunday) Karkloof Country Club – Finish Line – 160km: 36 hours (08:00 on Sunday) The finish line is a hard cut-off. If you finish the race 1second later than 08h00 on Sunday, you will not be awarded a buckle.
  • Compulsory Gear
    Mandatory Equipment and Race Requirements Always Be Prepared: Carry your mandatory equipment throughout the race to ensure safety and compliance. Expect Spot Checks: Equipment checks can occur before, during, or after the race. Stay prepared! Consequences for Non-Compliance: Missing any mandatory gear could lead to penalties, including time penalties or disqualification. Mandatory Gear List GPX Watch with file and navigation active. Liquid carrying capacity: 500ml to 1L (weather dependent). Waterproof Jacket (weather dependent). Charged Phone. Space Blanket. Number (for runner and pacer). Reserve food: 200 Calories. Bandage/strapping (minimum size 5x50cm). Headlamp for 100 Milers (not required during daytime). The organisers may adjust these requirements based on extreme weather conditions.
  • Camping & Accommodation
    2 nights of camping is included in your entry. Self-camping accommodation is costed at a per person per night basis and does not include a tent, mattress, or any other camping accessories. Spectators, supporters and pacers are required to purchase additional camping, per person, per night. Booking for camping will be done through the Karkloof Trail Run and not via the Karkloof Country Club. Additional Accommodation throughout the valley is available. Google and Airbnb have all the options. We do not suggest, offer or broker additional accommodation for anyone.
  • Supports and Spectators
    As of 2024, we have made the decision to charge for support vehicles. Route access tickets can be booked per vehicle on the main entry page with your race entry ticket. Proceeds go to the Karkloof Conservancy to assist in the restoration of roads and trails. Crew form an integral part of the race, and many runners regard it as a team effort. You can see your runners at the following places: Karkloof Country Club - AS Shongalolo Trails - WP Umdabu Forest - AS Canopy Tours - WP Bushwillow Caravan Park - AS Msomi Crossing - WP Mbona Game Reserve - AS Benvie Gardens (The Turn) - AS This gives you 15 places access points along a 100-mile route! The access roads to checkpoints and viewpoints are a combination of tar and dirt roads but all passable with a standard sedan vehicle. Some dirt sections are in poor condition. Please do not go in search of your own spectator points as you may jeopardise the future of the race by annoying local landowners. Please drive as slowly as possible to improve the safety of everyone around you. There are sections of the course where the runners and crew vehicles share the course, although far fewer than before. There is a tendency to rush between points, but this is unnecessary as there is enough time to get between the points ahead of your runners on each occasion. Please do not enter the Runners’ Only Area of the Aid Stations. Food and liquids at each aid station and water point are for runners and pacers only. You need to be self-sufficient. Please do not go onto any other private land whatsoever - this jeopardises the future of the race. If you are found trespassing, or not abiding by the above, your runner will be disqualified immediately.
  • Drop Bags
    100 Miler Runners are permitted to have two drop bags: one for Bushwillow and one for Benvie Gardens. You need to supply your own bags. These bags will not be transported between points. Drop bags will be collected at registration. Please label your drop bag and ensure it's easily identifiable. Only powders are allowed, no liquids. Bags should be reasonably sized, no larger than a standard 'tog bag'.
  • Prizes
    Every 100-miler finisher who completes the race within the 36-hour cutoff will receive a Finisher Buckle. This has a strict cut-off at 08h00, with no exceptions. Runners who finish in less than 24 hours (strictly) will receive a Silver Finisher’s Buckle. The Silver Buckle is made in Colorado by the same manufacturers as those for Leadville and Western States. Every 100 Miler participant will receive a Finishers Cap. Prize Money Equal prize money will be awarded to the men’s and women's races overall, respectively. 1st Place - R30 000 2nd Place - R15 000 3rd Place - R7 500 We will have a limited amount of elite entries. Elite athletes receiving complimentary entry who earn cash prizes will have the entry fee value deducted from their total prize amount.
  • Refunds, Deferrals, Postponement and Cancellation
    Refunds, Deferrals: The following refunds are applicable if a runner withdraws their entry: 80% before 1 June 2024 30% before 1 August 2024 15% before 30 August 2024 No refund from 1 September 2024 to Race Day A fee of 10% of the total entry fee will be retained by Karkloof Trail Run for admin and entry portal costs. Runners can defer their entry to the following year at any time before 30 August 2024. Race entries may only be deferred for one year, once. Runner deferring entries will be liable for any additional costs owed due to price increases. Postponement and Cancellation: If the race organisers are forced to postpone the race for any reason, all runner entries will be transferred to the new date. If runners cannot make the new date, a refund will apply. Runners will need to request a refund in writing. If the race organisers are forced to cancel the race due to unforeseen circumstances, the following will apply: Cancellation of race before the 1st of June 2024 - 100% refund or deferral to the following year, depending on the runner’s choice. Cancellation of the race before 1 August 2024 - 50% refund or deferral to the following year. Cancellation of race after 1 August 2024 - No refund or defer is possible due to costs incurred.
  • Event Rules
    On Route: Event Guidelines and Etiquette for the Karkloof Trail Run Rugged Terrain Alert: Our routes take you through some challenging, single-track hiking trails. By participating, you're acknowledging and accepting the inherent risks. Race Bib Display: If you're in the 100, 50, or 30 Miler, ensure your race bib is in clear sight at all times. Stay Alert and Trust the Markings: Our course is clearly marked, but some good old-fashioned trail-finding skills and a sprinkle of common sense are always a bonus. Respect the Markers: Meddling with route markers isn't just naughty—it'll get you disqualified. Trail Courtesy: Remember the golden rules—keep to the left, pass on the right, and always be vigilant about potential blind spots. Exiting the Race: If you've reached your limit and need to bow out, please inform the nearest race official. This simple act ensures we don’t assume you're lost, and it keeps you in good standing for future events. Compulsory Equipment: Always Be Prepared: It's essential to carry your mandatory equipment throughout the race. Expect Spot Checks: Be ready! We might conduct equipment checks at any point—before, during, or even after the race. Don't Get Caught Short: If you're missing any mandatory gear, consequences could range from a time penalty to outright disqualification. Better safe than sorry! General: Run Clean: Performance-enhancing substances are a no-go. Be prepared, as we might conduct random tests. Voice Your Concerns Promptly: If you have any protests, make them known within 60 minutes of crossing the finish line. Play Nice: Unsporting behaviour or mistreatment of officials is not only frowned upon but can also get you disqualified. Spread Positivity: Our volunteers are the unsung heroes of the event. A simple "thank you" and a smile can make their day. Let's show them some love! Weather: Be Over-Prepared: While distances may vary, we recommend having all items from the equipment list. It's better to have and not need than to need and not have. Stay Adaptable: Please note, that organizers may adjust the list of compulsory items as circumstances dictate. Rain or Shine, We're On: Unless Disaster Management steps in, the event will go forward. Safety First: In the face of extreme conditions, organizers prioritize safety and may decide to cancel. Always stay informed! Lost and Found: Personal items left after the race will be donated. Items will not be shipped. Vehicles to Spectator Points: Spectators can travel to designated viewing areas. Just a reminder that our organizers have the flexibility to modify the routing and format as the event unfolds. Adaptability is key! Stay informed and enjoy the race.
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